Chatz Kostas is a fingerpicking guitarist with a classic musical education who later performed in the United States and all over Europe. His unique style of playing traditional blues incorporates energy, enthusiasm and sensitivity for the music he performs. There are many young white men who tried to play in the black blues tradition but few of them anywhere can match his startling intensity. Chatz also composes his own music, which varies from a pure classical approach to contemporary blues and their multifarious roots.

Pieter Dedoncker took the rhythm sticks at the age of 9, when he started following courses with Wim De Bie in Kampenhout. In addition he joined the local concert band in which he had the opportunity to develop a good technical base and discover the world of percussions and different musical styles. At the age of 15 he played his first international concerts while touring with a local ‘surf music’ band, thus discovering the world of rock ‘n roll. Since then he played all over Europe and the United States participating in various projects with different styles going from punk to jazz and instrumental rock to classical music, folk and rhythm and blues. When he met Kostas in 2009 he immediately felt attracted to his style of playing and composing, making the drummer not a background rhythm machine, but instead a second solo instrument.

As a duo they stand for a unique musical experience in which roots of blues coexist with classical fugues. In which the guitar player is also the bass player and in which the drummer spices up the whole with subtle accents altered with stomping shuffles. Together they stand for pure quality.