CD ‘The Art Of Fingerpicking Volume 1’ OUT NOW

We’re proud to present you the first CD of the Art Of Fingerpicking collection. On this volume 1 you’ll find 12 originals, blues as well as contrapuntal compositions. Free preview at link below. Listen and get your copy soon!


  1. Very beautiful songs, perfectly composed and played by probably one of the best guitar players in the world! With nice drumming.
    S P L E N D I D!
    The ideal gift for guitar lovers!!!

  2. This is great!

  3. On the track ‘Waiting’

    So powerful was the music, it conjured up waiting in me. For what, I know not. But, it emphatically left me unquestioningly waiting. And, it made me smile to think what magic this was that seemed to pull emotions out of thin air. But, perhaps, thin air it wasn’t. Ah, one couldn’t have imagined the strings of a guitar could be plucked so!

    Kudos to you Kostas for this wonderful piece that ‘struck a chord’ in me and for this beautiful album that unwittingly elevates me to my poetic best!

  4. You are an amazing artist and a wonderful person. I am really glad to have the opportunity to learn something from you. I Love your music and style.


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